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Bluetooth LED Tower Speaker with LOCO light show

••5,000 watts peak power

•• Built-in rechargeable bat tery fully charges in approximately 6 hours

Includes built-in amplifier

•• LED Lights interact to the beat of music with dedicated power

switch Built-in amplif ier with Power Output

•• Line Inputs: Bluetooth,AUX (1/8”), USB, RCA & FM

•• One wireless hand-held microphone with 50 foot range included

•• 1/4’’ microphone input with separate echo & volume controls

•• 1/4’’ guitar input with separate volume controls

•• FM tuner with auto scan

•• Woofer : 12” LED Woofer

•• Midrange: 3” Woofer

•• Tweeter : Harmonic LED 1” voice coil

•• USB & SD Card maximum size: 64GB

•• Plays .mp3, .wav, .wma f iles from USB drives and SD Cards

•• LED display for USB / SD Card inputs

•• Repeat playback on USB / SD Card inputs

•• Bluetooth® compatibility 

Technical Pro XLOCO 5000 Watt Speaker

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